Be a part of the team at High Desert Psychological Services

High Desert Psychological Services was established to help individuals, families, and communities. We know that experiencing strife and brokenness within your own family can be extremely painful, and we want to help. At High Desert Psychological Services, we have many areas of service that we believe set us apart from other Counseling and Consulting Groups. Our commitment to the community, the focus on the family, the therapeutic model, comprehensive service options, and personalized care, all combine to give our clients the best possible care. Our goal is to hire professionals who are passionate about helping individuals and families discover solutions to reclaim control of their lives, rebuild relationships, and restore hope.
If you are interested in being part of the Team at High Desert Psychological Services, we have positions available to grow our clinical team! Please read our job descriptions listed below and we thank you for your interest in being part of our Team!

Part-Time Therapist

This is a great option for Therapist Providers that would like work part time in the evenings, weekends, or select days of the week. Sessions can be completed in person or via telehealth based on client needs. Minimum hours are 16 per week.

Full-Time Therapist

This position is for Therapist Providers that would like to maintain a full-time practice and provide therapeutic services to clients throughout the week. Schedules are very flexible and can include daytime, evenings, long days, weekends, etc. Minimum hours are 40 per week. 

Telehealth Therapist

This position is for Therapist providers that have a desire to provide services to clients in a therapeutic capacity, but do not have the ability to commit to in-person treatments. This position could be part-time or full-time with hours ranging from 16 per week to 40 or more weekly.

At High Desert Psychological Services, we strive to partner with Therapist Providers that are able to commit to long-term growth with High Desert Psychological Services and long-term commitment to their clients. Many clients are referred by their insurance carriers and may require weekly visits over an extended period of time and will require that continuity of care so as to provide the best outcomes for these individuals.
It is important to note that credentialing a new provider with insurance companies is a lengthy process that can take between thirty (30) to ninety (90) days. All credentialing efforts will be managed for you by the credentialing and contracting team at High Desert Psychological Services.


Licensed by the State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences to provide counseling (e.g., LCSW, LMFT, Psy.D., Ph.D. or similar credentials).
NOTE: Unfortunately, if you are an intern or if you require supervision to provide counseling services, you cannot be a provider at this time. Also, we are unable to accept Substance Abuse Counselors, School Counselors, Registered Nurses, Career Counselors, Life Coaches, Christian Counselors and Business Coaches (unless they have an additional license as a mental health counselor).
Experience in individual counseling for children, adolescents, and adults.
Excellent writing skills

Benefits of working at High Desert Psychological Services

High Desert Psych offers competitive compensation packages to retain quality contractors for our programs. Office staff and office space are provided to meet your needs and to help with the day-to-day management of your clients. Specific benefits may vary according to eligibility and will be discussed prior to actual contract