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Intimacy and Relationships Q & A

What is intimacy?

Intimacy is a feeling of closeness between two people in a personal relationship. Intimacy isn’t the same as sexual interaction, although they may be connected.

There are many types of intimacy, including:

Experiential intimacy

Experiential intimacy is a type of bonding that occurs between two people when engaging in leisure activities. 

Emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy refers to the ability to feel safe and comfortable enough with another person to share your feelings.

Intellectual intimacy

Intellectual intimacy occurs when two people feel comfortable enough with each to share ideas and opinions, even when those opinions or ideas differ.

Sexual intimacy

Sexual intimacy refers to closeness during sexual activities. When thinking about intimacy and relationships, most people think of sexual intimacy. 

Physical intimacy

Physical intimacy isn’t the same as sexual intimacy, but may be an important part of a romantic relationship. Physical intimacy is about feeling close through touch, such as hugging or hand holding.

Spiritual intimacy

Spiritual intimacy is feeling a connection with someone based on shared values or feeling as though you’re meant to be in each others’ lives.

Why are intimacy and relationships important?

Intimacy and relationships are important in helping you feel connected to another person so you feel less alone. It may also help you feel loved. However, intimacy and relationships usually develop over time and require certain elements, including:

  • Trust
  • Acceptance
  • Honesty
  • Safety
  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Affection

In any type of relationship, intimacy requires a certain amount of vulnerability. Many people fear intimacy because being vulnerable opens them up to being hurt.

When should I seek help with intimacy and relationships? 

You should seek help with intimacy and relationships if your fears of intimacy are keeping you from developing connections with other people. You may also benefit from therapy at High Desert Psychological Services if your fears are hurting your romantic relationship.

The skilled therapists at High Desert Psychological Services can identify the underlying cause of your fears. Then, they work with you and help you develop better ways to manage these fears without pushing others away.

Depending on your intimacy and personal relationships, your therapist may recommend individual counseling, couples counseling, or both. 

Intimacy in relationships is important for your emotional and mental well-being. To get help, call High Desert Psychological Services or schedule a consultation online today.